Leather Adjustable Beer & Soda Handle

Leather Adjustable Beer & Soda Handle

$50.00 USD $25.00 USD

Artisan Walnut Studiolo

This Everything Handle adds a classy leather and wood handle to any of your favorite beverage containers from small to large, at least 6" tall and up to 3 1/2" in diameter (same size as a 40oz Kleen Kanteen water bottle).

I carved each handle from walnut wood and connected it to the bottle with two simple supple black leather straps, which are adjustable in size with two belt fasteners. 

The handles come fully assembled. Simply tighten the straps. It will have a snug fit. 

The black leather straps are approximately 4 1/2" apart center-to-center and opening inside the handle for your fingers is about 3 3/4". The walnut wood handle itself is about 5 1/4" long.

Canteen and beer not included, but its guaranteed* to make beer taste better. (*This is not a guarantee.)