Spartan Carton

Spartan Carton

$110.00 USD

Artisan Walnut Studiolo



Walk into your favorite bottle market or brewery with a lifetime six-pack. 

This stripped-down, minimalist beer box has been unofficially named "The Spartan Carton". 

This study, reusable six-pack is perfect for those who want to transport their bottles in classic style. 

Composed of leather rings riveted together and riveted to a central masonite handle. 

I designed the leather rings to create a "basket" around the masonite handle, and spaced wide enough to reveal the bottle labels. 

Available in brown or black. 

This minimal and clean design reduces weight: empty, the carton weighs 10 oz. 

Dimensions 9" x 5.5" x 8.5". The rings are designed to hold (6) 12oz bottles.

Available in black, dark-brown, oxblood only, honey cognac. 

Guaranteed* to make beer taste better. (*This is not a guarantee.)