MENU Wineset

MENU Wineset

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Artisan Menu

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Corkscrew & Decanting Pourer Vignon

The new Menu wineset includes the Waiters Corkscrew, which features a solid spiral with five broad Teflon-coated steel threads provides a sure grip, even on old or long corks, without the danger of them breaking. And the classic lever principle ensures that stubborn corks are lifted easily and elegantly out of the bottle. The foil cutter slides out of the end of the handle. 

The set also includes the Decanting Pourer Vignon. Menu's patented Decanting Pourer filters, splits, and oxygenates the wine as you pour. Goodbye to decanters and too many bottles opened before dinner, and hello to a grand taste sensation - even when the wine is an everyday table variety. Drip-free and easy to use.


Scandinavian Design Originals

3 little words. But they express everything for which we live and breathe: A never-ending search for beautiful Scandinavia design with true originality. Aesthetic and practical daily surprises that you become happier and happier to look at, touch and use. Surprises that make you say: But of course – how come no one has thought of that before?

The art of getting an original idea

Creativity is when our brain plays. When we allow our imagination to fly and explore the art of what is possible. We aim to think freshly. To question the existing shape of things. To dare to combine known things in a new way. And to create new combinations in form, function, material and aesthetics. We refine it all through our deep roots in Scandinavian nature and design tradition – the high quality material and the clean shapes. We strip away all unnecessary decorations, leaving the design idea to present itself in its pure form and in great craftsmanship.

Ambition keeps us going

If some day, someone manages to catch a falling star and turn it into a beautiful source of light with no need for electricity, that someone will be us. Is that ambitious? Yes! But this is the ambition that gives us the willpower to break down the boundaries of Scandinavian design and originality each and every day. This is the secret behind the unique spirit in every gift that carries the name Menu.

House of Menu - come on in, come on out

Come with us! Take some time off for an inspirational tour in the world of Menu: Living, Dining and Outdoor. And spoil yourself with a healthy dose of Wellness. House of Menu has it all – and welcomes everyone. If you want to expand your horizons and your home with original, Scandinavian design, you have come to the right place. Make yourself comfortable and get ready for lots of good experiences!