Agresti Poker Mania Set 360 Chips

Agresti Poker Mania Set 360 Chips

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The Agresti Poker Set is hand crafted in Italy by master craftsmen and features the finest materials in existence.

Made from Sengal Mahognay and Briarwood.

37.7 X 29.8 X 9 cm


Agresti History

Since 1949, the Agresti Family have been craftsmen of luxury cabinetry, establishing a worldwide standard for innovative luxury wood products.

Our factory, just outside the medieval walls of Florence, is an ultra-modern manufacturing facility, continuing in the long tradition of Florentine artisans.

Design, Function, Quality and Luxury are the features that make our creations unique: The latest generation of Home Safes hidden in our jewelry armoires, biometric openings, watchwinder chests using sophisticated mechanisms to automatically wind automatic watches ... state of the art compartments to house jewelry, pens, watches, cufflinks and gaming pieces.

Combining precious woods and metals with original ideas, and hand crafted by Florentine artisans, always makes an Agresti product different from the rest ... placing Agresti as a leader in a niche of the luxury market.


Crafted from exotic and domestic woods, we continuously update our collections which now include such products as ladies and men's jewelry boxes and armoires, game sets, cigar humidors, watch cases, pen boxes, and stationery items.  A variety of finishes are available, from natural to very high polish, and all hardware is 24 Karat Gold, Ruthenium or Nickel Palladium plated.  Our precious veneers have a different story:

For example, the elm trees, pictured, have unusual growth characteristics caused by a "disease".  The wood from these trees when properly opened and cut in slices gives us that rich combination of tonality and design that we call briarwood.  Finding trees that carry this "disease" is very rare (about one tree in one-hundred fifty), and the touch selection in choosing only the best of these naturally "drawn" veneers, dramatically reduce the usable quantities.  The thin slice is then glued on a poplar panel, laminated with 12 layers in opposite directions to prevent warping.

We work with Elm briarwood mostly, but several other woods have their briars:  LIGHT (Ash, Myrtle), DARK (Walnut, Vavona) similar to Elm (Madrona).

It is very important to stress the fact that, in recent years, numerous faux woods have appeared in the marketplace.  None of these fake reproductions, often sold as real wood, can begin to replace the beauty or the feel of the natural woods themselves.

This is the truly handcrafted process, modeled by skilled hands,
by which we create our finished product.

Cutting, gluing, sanding, spraying, lining and
expertly finishing in our daily work.