The Whisk(e)y Lover Set

The Whisk(e)y Lover Set

$60.00 USD

Artisan Teroforma


8 Fl. oz | 2 1/2" H | Stones: 7/8"

We created the Whisk(e)y Lover for those who relish the pleasure of drinks by the fire as a great meal at home with friends somehow carries into the wee hours. The Set includes 2 mouthblown Avva tumblers (dishwasher safe) and 6 Whisky Stones.

Designer Thea Mehl (Oslo) Thea's work focuses on relationships, object-to-object and object-to-user. Whether it's recalling visits to her grandfather's wood workshop or contemplating how a glass may relate to a carafe, it's the interplay that's being designed.

Rogaska Glassworks (Slovenia)Rogaska has been making some of the world's finest mouthblown crystal since the 1660s. The custodians of that tradition are modern-day glassblowers, many of whom have taken over from their fathers or even grandfathers before them.